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YES Secure Network

YES SECURE solutions

We present you an overview about the YES SECURE solutions for secure voice.

  • 2G secure voice and SMS

  • 3G 4G WiFi secure

Android (voice/chat)
Blackberry (voice/SMS)
Windows Mobile (voice/SMS)
Symbian (voice/SMS)
Windows Mobile (voice/SMS)

  • iPhone  (available Q2/14)

  • Gateway for encrypted connection to fixed lines


Mobile communications take place over connections and technologies not homogenous in security configurations.
The standard GSM encryption is weak and can easily get broken.
Even one single point of vulnerability can compromise the whole security of the communication.


System network and infrastructure independent.

End-to-end encryption of voice and data: voice gets transformed into data, data packets are encrypted and sent on the network and travel encrypted until they are decoded on the phone of the receiver.

Total and verifiable security on all networks: GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WiFi, Satellite.

The hardware for end-to-end encryption of voice communication on mobile phones deployed by YES SECURE is available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows Mobile

  • Linux

  • Symbian

  • BlackBerry

  • Android

  • iPhone (release planed for Q2/14)

Scenario of application

  • Governmental sector

  • Public administration

  • Defense

  • Public security operators

  • Protection of state secret

  • Politicians

  • Banking and financial sector

  • Protection of market sensitive information

  • Financial orders of VIP customers

  • Industrial sector

  • Know how and trade secret protection

  • Strategic activities protection (M&A, Marketing, etc.)

  • Logistic sector

  • Protection of logistic and physical security

  • Protection of people under risk of kidnapping, attack or kill

  • Private sector

  • Protection of communication with consultants, lawyers,

  • accountants, VIPs

  • Protection of privacy in family life

You need the YES SECURE solutions

  • Secure communications in every place and every moment

  • Maximum security and trust in communication instruments

  • Advanced security settings easy to use and configure

  • Voice quality equal to normal calls

YES Secure solutions

  • Encryption of voice, SMS, files on all kind of networks

  • Maximum security verifiable and certified

  • User friendly interface developed after years of development and experience in customer care

  • High quality of communication equal to or higher than normal calls and low delay


Characteristics of use

  • Easy to use

  • Compatible with all mobile communication networks

                           (GSM, UMTS, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi, mobile & fixed Satellite)

  • High quality of voice encoding (no noise and echo), low delay

Security features

End-to-end encryption with strong algorithm that changes with each call
Instruments for the management of the mobiles (KMS for the distribution of the keys from remote/VoIP server for the connectivity of VoIP devices)
Possibility of encryption algorithm customization for customers who need advanced features

Reliable and easy to use

Software was designed to supply the highest security in the simplest way.

User experience is actually similar to the use of a normal phone. The user dials the number, presses the green key and the secure call between the two devices gets automatically started.

The encryption is automatic and performed in real time; the graphic interface of the YES SECURE software lets the user clearly distinguish between encrypted and clear calls.


End-to-end encryption: voice and data are encrypted on the device and transferred in encrypted format through the whole network, up to reception and decryption on the YES SECURE partner device.

Encryption with AES 256, the most secure algorithm defined as standard. Other public/commercial algorithms can be used on demand, as well as customer’s proprietary algorithms.

Pre-shared symmetric key system provides the highest security against man-in-the-middle attacks and permits the control centralization for organizations that want to protect corporate communication and monitor the use of the devices as well.

The Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellmann 571 bit protocol can be used in combination with the pre-shared key for key session generation, in order to offer the security of one-time-passwords.




YES SECURE deployes two systems for secure communications to supply the best solution to the need of mobile customers. These systems differ in the connection they use:


It works on GSM networks and uses the CSD data channel connection of GSM.
The call is performed via the CSD data channel normally used for sending and receiving faxes with a throughput of 9,6 Kbps.
It works in every part of the world covered by the GSM network.
Solution mostly suggested to customers who travel all over the world.


YES SECURE 3G enables making crypto calls using all the networks of the last generation as UMTS, HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and also Wi-Fi, adapting the encoding in real time to the real throughput of the connection.
The service of connection/signalization is provided by a YES SECURE VoIP Server, witch doesn’t interact with encryption but provide only the connection between users.
Makes use of a proprietary optimized and secure protocol (rather than using standard SIP) with better protection against attacks and network issues.
Governmental organizations and larger companies can buy the VoIP Server solution and manage autonomously their network of devices.
Coverage of UMTS network is constantly increasing and soon will be widely available all over the world.

YES SECURE GSM and 3G versions

The secure voice solutions are available in different versions that have different levels of security configurations and features.
All three versions are available with 2G and 3G technology.
The encryption algorithms implemented in all versions supply the highest security and are compliant to FIPS standard of the American NIST.


Recommended for basic consumers or small companies
Completely automatic and without settings
Everyone can protect his privacy with the highest security in the simplest way

Professional version, with advanced protection systems and encrypted contacts.
Enables the insertion of own symmetric keys, to be used in addition to the ones generated automatically at each call.
Symmetric keys are known only to the users and are never transmitted on network.
Enables creating restricted groups and a hierarchical distribution of keys.
To manage huge groups of users, YES SECURE supplies the Key Management System to allow the generation of user groups and keys assigned to them.
The KMS  can distribute the keys with wired connection to the phone or by sending crypto SMS messages so as to reach the user all over the world at the same time.

Special versions
Version targeted to governmental or military entities which need to use their own/classified algorithms.
Including the same characteristics of YES SECURE GSM and 3G Pro, enables customers to insert autonomously secret algorithm into the encryption core of the system.
Permits the personalization of the algorithms of the KMS and SMS crypto.
The software can be supplied on completely “closed” and shielded phones that do not permit any kind of external attack. Also available: special further hardware protections.


  • AES 256 encryption algorithm of SMS text messages

  • Encryption keys manually keyed in or automatically generated during each crypto call

  • Possibility to send Flash crypto SMS that are automatically erased after the decryption

  • Authentication for reading and writing secure SMS

  • Groups of crypto contacts for group distribution of secure commands

  • Crypto contacts

  • Possibility to receive clear SMS from crypto contacts that are immediately encrypted on phone after the reception

  • Remote wiping of entire phone and memory card in case of theft

  • Alarm for unauthorized SIM replacement with an SMS with geographic GPS coordinates to localize phone

  • Localization function through crypto SMS commands which return the coordinates of the GSM cell connected to the phone

  • Visualization of coordinates received directly on mobile maps


Characteristics of use

  • User friendly interface

  • Encrypted partition visible only after secure authentication

  • File encryption for secure data exchange through email

  • Driverless use on every operating system

  • Can use removable microSD cards up to 16 GB

Security features

  • Encryption made completely in hardware with military standard and with algorithm customization (standard AES256)

  • Advanced management of keys and algorithms

  • Zeroize function with hardware button or software commands

  • No trace left on PC after use

  • Integration with smartcard for secure key storage

Available Models

The models of available phones can be chosen depending on the operating system and the connectivity required.
Operating systems: Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian, Blackberry, Android
Mobile Networks: GSM, UMTS, CDMA

Windows Mobile OS
YES SECURE 3G: HTC Touch 3G, Touch Pro, Touch Pro II, Tytn II, Cruise, Diamond, Diamond II, Snap, 740, Touch2, HD, HD2 , Sony Ericsson Experia.

Linux OS
GSM QuadBand phone, with powerful CPU which permits the best voice quality encoding.
The Linux OS on the phone is completely controlled and revisited by YES SECURE for protecting against all kind of external attack.
The phone is intrinsically secure because it doesn’t permit any installation of software of data synchronization.
The only way to import contacts is through the SIM card.
GPRS, Bluetooth, photo camera and multimedia reader/recorder are disabled for security reasons.
The phone functions are restricted to the minimum needed to call in crypto and clear and to send crypto and clear SMS.

Operating System Symbian
YES SECURE GSM and 3G: Nokia E51, E63, E71, E66, N81, N82, N95, E90, E52, E55, E71x, E72, E75, N85, N96
YES SECURE system will be available to the most common operating system variants to satisfy the growing request of secure communication on widely available phones.

YES SECURE BB, secure BlackBerry:
Available for all for 3G BlackBerry with os5.x, os6.x and os7.x.
Solution based on μSD with real Hardware encryption
End to End encryption,  Interoperable with all YES SECURE 3G solution based on Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android
Secure communication for BlackBerry to fixed line (Business office) by using a YES SECURE Gateway
High quality voice
Key management possible with a KMS
Use of proprietary VoIP server, not involved in the encryption itself
Secure SMS possibility
Chat and Messenger possibility
Secure E-Mail

Operating Android
YES SECURE 3G, WiFi: Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4.
YES SECURE system will be available to the Android Operating System to satisfy the growing request of secure communication on the available phones.
Contact us for compatibility with your Android model.


YES SECURE Voice Gateway

YES SECURE gateway for the interoperable connection of the mobile 2G / 3G and the fixed line systems called the YES SECURE Voice Gateway.

GSM types  portfolio   Fixed lines xxxx


μSD Card

All YES SECURE version are be installed on a μSD card with EAL5+ smartcard inside with the software license, random generation and hardware encryption.
The μSD card can be adopted to customer requirements.

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